2 thoughts on “Why can’t we get engaged?

  1. Paul Wood says:

    Arrogance, ignorance and a serious lack of emotional intelligence on the part of the companies involved; there is no proactivity beyond sending a second rate, often uninformed staffer to the village hall to show glossy posters and a witless PowerPoint. There is also an undue reliance on compliance with statutes being the be-all and end-all of social engagement, and a belief that the handing out of some small cash will ultimately fix everything. The compliance approach almost sank Shell in Alaska the first time round and may do so again. Companies need to humanise and take on the gainsayers at their own game, using effective media, not being afraid of emotion and overstatement, using personalities instead of by-lines, and above all listening to the people they need to influence before cutting a mm of steel. It’s a war of propaganda, and all staff are on the front line; don’t be afraid of passion and confrontation. The facts are on your side; if not, what the heck are you doing there?


  2. Ian, Aren’t you ignoring the change in ownership, a long time ago, but attitudes persist? You are certainly ignoring the politicisation of energy policy given growing foreign and private ownership, as well as the growing ‘interference’ by Brussels. Green ideology has also become more widely accepted and is now a tool of not only of party-politics but also of attracting investment/ divestments.
    Sonja B-C Energy and Environment journal.


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