2 thoughts on “Hitting the ground running…

  1. Dear Llinos,

    Thanks for your comment. As a member of the team that worked on the Energy Barometer, I can’t answer for Jim, but can tell you that demand response did get a mention, albeit a small mention, among the range of measures, technologies and issues on which EI members provided their views. Do take a look and tell us what you make of it.

    We are always on the look out for case studies that demonstrate energy efficiency gains, as this is an area in need of additional evidence. If you were willing to provide such a case study, this is something we could add to our Energy Matrix and online collection (https://knowledge.energyinst.org/Energy-Matrix). If that would be of interest, do get in touch. My email address is gparkes@energyinst.org

    Many thanks,


  2. I had hoped to read about Demand Response in your blog!

    Using less energy must be top of our agenda, as is clearly stated in views expressed by members who contributed to the Energy Barometer. The National Grid have just launched Power Responsive, giving very clear signals about the value, in so many ways, of demand response and the world of Aggregation is steaming ahead.

    Yes, the following is a pitch but we think the EI should be aware of an UK Grid Balancing Innovation that is 75% down the R&D road, called adrON.

    adrON is an embedded, superfast, automatic dynamic response energy management solution within commercial LED lighting systems, including Street Lights, providing effective Grid balancing through frequency monitoring.
    The technology can react instantaneously to changes in electricity supply and frequency, and when it detects an imbalance within the system, automatically switches power source to an integral battery supply, thereby immediately removing pressure from the Grid within milliseconds, with no loss of light. During off-peak periods when demand is too low, the battery is recharged.
    During a power cut, it remains fully operational for at least one hour.
    adrON can be as easily installed as any other commercial lighting product, embedding dynamic response in a scalable application, one which is prevalent throughout the system.

    Thoughts please?


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