Harnessing our own power…

Louise Kingham OBE FEI EI Chief Executive

Louise Kingham OBE FEI
EI Chief Executive

In his last blog, our President, Ian Marchant FEI, announced the launch of the Energy Barometer – a research project to harness the power of EI members’ insights and opinions around aspects of the energy challenges we face. Why now? Our mission is focused on three elements – skills, good practice and knowledge. It is the last element where capturing the experience and first hand knowledge of our members will really add value to the quality of the conversation about our energy future.

We will look to Members and Fellows for their experience and to our Graduate members for their perspective and expectations for the future of the industry they are building a career in.  Around 600 members will be invited to be part of a ‘College’ which is randomly selected and then membership will be rotated to widen the opportunity to participate over time. For the time that members form part of the College,  they will commit to taking part in the Energy Barometer survey.

Our aim is to give as many eligible members as possible a chance to participate by refreshing the College each year, whilst maintaining continuity. So, if you do not receive an invitation this time around, there will be future opportunities to take part. The first set of invitations will be sent by email in the first half of January and, as a member, if you want to make sure we have your correct email address, please log in at www.energyinst.org/personal-details and update your contact details.

There has probably never been a more important time to share your knowledge and expertise to inform the debate on how we tackle the energy challenge. So, when you get the call to respond please say yes and help us to harness the collective power of our membership.

One thought on “Harnessing our own power…

  1. James P MacCarthy says:

    A very interesting development. Sadly, at 85 and decades out of my “Career”, I do not think I can usefully contribute to the project. So I shall register as not wishing to join the EI College.


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