Sharing energy industry insights

Ian Marchant

Ian Marchant FEI, President

One of the features of the energy industry over the last 100 years has been the extent of innovation we have seen throughout the value chain. As part of that industry, the Energy Institute (EI) must also continue to innovate. To this end, we will be launching a new research and engagement programme in January 2015 called the Energy Barometer.

As a professional body, we have a lot of expertise and experience to be found among our industry membership that we should be bringing to bear on the debates around energy. The aim of the Barometer is to give a voice to the opinions and insight of energy professionals and establish the EI as a credible and trusted source of knowledge.  It will provide a vehicle for members who are industry and thought leaders to help inform debate on energy related issues, demonstrating the value of their knowledge and expertise to government, influencers, our own industry and the public. From a primary focus on the UK,  the Barometer should provide a focal point for debate on the real issues underlying the future energy system challenges.

We hope to use the Barometer as a source of meaningful support to the process of policy development and to create an opportunity for greater engagement between EI members and policy makers. The Barometer will be based on annual surveys covering regular topics for comparison year on year, as well as topical issues.  Data will be built around a series of questions, asked of an ‘EI Research College’ consisting of approximately 600 EI members. Supplementing the insight generated from their responses will be statistical information taken from UK government and other official sources. This will be backed up by commentary and viewpoints from senior industry fellows.

The first annual Barometer report should be completed by the end of April 2015, and we hope to publish it around the time the new UK government is in place next May. The report will be aimed at UK policy makers and senior industry professionals, and will also be sent to selected Members of the new Parliament. We expect media interest and public awareness to be generated by specific insights from the survey.

This whole initiative, however, can not run without the support of members. More details of the Research College will follow – outlining how we would like  you to  participate.  Check out the EI’s magazines and for details.

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